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Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm

We are also happy to deliver to your home & pickup after you have finished if that is more convenient for you. Just fill out the contact form with your details & video request.


Amazing Adventures with Jesus

Pastor Doug Batchelor leads your kids (ages 8-12) on a powerful, soul-winning Bible study experience designed just for them. This 10-part series is filled with amazing facts, incredible Bible stories, exciting spiritual discoveries, and heart-warming music!

Series Titles The Treasure Map • Slaying the Dragon • Journey Through the Stars • The Code of the King • The Only Lifeboat • A Day With the King • God’s Super Food • Whistling Through the Graveyard • Journey Through the Sea • A Kingdom of Gold

Run Time 10 x 1 hour programs

Watch in Full NowSeries Home Page LinkAvailable in our Church Library

Cosmic Conflict

Pr Doug Batchelor

Take a spectacular journey back through time and trace the transformation of a perfect angel into Satan, the arch demon – and how he led an army of angels in revolt in heaven!

Witness the creation of a beautiful new world… feel the suspense as the devil brings his rebellion to Plant Earth… behold the temptation and fall in Eden… and uncover God’s amazing plan to restore people to paradise!

Recorded in high-definition, this Bible-based documentary will help you understand the deepest mysteries of life, explaining how sin and evil could invade a perfect world made by a loving God. The Cosmic Conflict affects every life on earth – including yours!

Run Time 41 minutes

Watch in Full Now Program Home Page Link Available in our Church Library